ADORNAMENT - Ronda Roush Studios
ADORNAMENT - Ronda Roush Studios


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Brand new product, designed by Ronda and under trademark process, this “ADORNAMENT” can hang on the tree for the holidays ....or sit on its own all year long.  Entirely made of porcelain with a gold painted frame, this piece can feature any image imaginable and have a greeting or description-information on the back.  It is 4 1/2 x 3 1/2inches, a perfect size for a desk accessory as well as a holiday collectible.  The ADORNAMENT is a great way to begin a tradition or a collection for family and friends.  

This unique piece can feature family members, corporate logos, venues, homes, any favorite place, or even a painting or other work of art to commemorate a certain museum or landmark.  It is amazing and the possibilities are endless.  

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